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Video Interviewing: Making Real Connections with Candidates

Video Interviewing

Due to the current unprecedented circumstances, the need for technology which helps us effectively communicate with one another has never been so vital. Whether it is global leaders speaking to one another from around the world, businesses talking to their employees or families connecting with each other from their homes.

Recently, video interviewing has begun to revolutionise the recruitment process, enabling employers to easily see straight away if a candidate has the right personality that will fit within their organisation, as well as saving themselves time and money.

In this blog I am going to review 7 benefits of video interviewing and discuss how it is transforming the recruitment process. 

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  1. More than just a CV

The very first and potentially the most important part of any recruitment process is searching and screening candidates, this will determine the quality of your short-list which will shape the whole recruitment process. Traditionally candidates are shortlisted based on their CV, which can often be a very basic insight into what a person is like.

Whilst a CV can provide useful information about a person’s skills and experience, a video interview will give the candidate a chance to showcase their character, their passions and values. This will allow you to see their personality and how they will potentially fit into your organisation – as Simon Sinek always says, “You don't hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills”.


  1. Save Time and Money

Through many video interviewing software such as Odro, you can set up solo interview, which is when a candidate records themselves answers a series of questions. By doing this process over video, it can actually reduce time to hire by 50%! As I’m sure many of you already know, time to hire is a critical KPI for hiring managers, so by screening candidates through video, you will have fewer face to face interviews but of better quality – saving yourself time and money.    

  1. Increase Transparency & Efficiency

Often the recruitment process involves several people – HR, internal recruiters, hiring managers, senior management and even board level. By using a solo interview or even a recorded interview, it will allow multiple people within an organisation to view it in their own time. Resulting in greater transparency and consistency within the process, as everyone involved in the hiring decision will have been presented with the same information, which makes tracking of candidates in the process easier and more streamlined.


Video Interviewing


  1. Time kills placements

Video interviewing can streamline your recruitment process and speed up decision making, as videos can be done instantaneously, recorded anywhere and viewed at the convenience of the hiring manager, relieving the need to co-ordinate busy diaries and removing any geographical constraints. 

It happens far too often, that too much time is taken on a hiring decision and the candidates is quickly snapped up by another company. Video eliminates this risk by allowing you to act fast and offer fast!


  1. Create a Good Candidate Experience

By using video interviewing, it improves communication and creates a more streamline recruitment process, resulting in a better candidate experience. By providing a better candidate experience it will increase the likelihood of a candidate accepting an offer and make them feel more connected to the company culture and philosophy.


  1. Candidates can shine

Video is a fantastic platform to allow a candidate’s personality to shine through, they can express themselves effectively and sell themselves for the opportunity. It also allows you as a recruiter to capture the candidate’s enthusiasm for the role and how committed they are. Video allows us to really connect with the candidates which makes for more informed and easier hiring decisions.


  1. Business Continuity

As mentioned at the start of the blog, probably the most important benefit at the moment, video interviewing allows you to continue interviewing and connecting with talent even when you can’t be in the office – a benefit we have found to be a huge lifeline over the last few weeks.

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Posted by Andrea Mason